CW Russette

C. William Russette pays the bills as a security guard. When he
isn't pushing his wife over the edge, watching films or blowing
brain cells on video games, he writes, he plots, he schemes.

In print you can find his work with Modern Pulp Comics through
Rorschach Entertainment []. Titles
include The Rorschach Entertainment Convention Special ,
Lucifer Fawkes: Blood Flow and Lucifer Fawkes: The Blind
Ones. From Ancient World Productions via Genome Studios his
short; Hard Chargin' Heavy Lead appeared in the
Ellium Hybrid anthology.

On the web you can find some of his web comics at
[]. At [] you can find
The Inevitable, an original sci fi crime noir prose serial. At
Avengers 2000 [], a fan fiction
site, you can find his take on the Marvel Comics character

C. William Russette lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife
Cathy and his dog Dee Dee.

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