John DaCosta

John is a 27 year old man whose family comes first, comics
come in close 2nd.  He also has some featured artwork in Bots
charity book and c
olored a pin up in Chuck Saterlee's Smoke &
Mirrors published by
Markosia Enterprises.  He’s a huge fan of
some of the early Image books such as Spawn and
WildC.A.T.S., and is also a fan of  IDW’s The Surrogates and
Speakeasy Comics’ Hero@Large.  He’s also a mutie fan in
loving anything that has to do with the X-Men.  John is also
nown as the Godfather of SKS as he helps keep Adrian's
head on straight and is also in charge of submissions.  He and
his lovely wife, Lindsay are expecting their second son in the
beginning of March, 2007.
Supreme Knight Studios