Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a partially Deaf 23-year-old who hails from the
great state of New Jersey, home to famous locals such as Kevin
Smith, Eddie Murphy, and The Toxic Avenger! His hobbies
include saving the world from the forces of evil. Okay, no
seriously his hobbies include watching movies, listening to
music, writing, weightlifting, and reading anything of interest he
can get his hands on. His roots in comic book art began in the
third grade. A competitive rivalry with a friend (who had the
maverick ability to draw at a professional level)
challenged him to draw a picture of Spider-Man from scratch.
While not as refined as his friend's version, that simple gesture
instilled in him a life-long passion for art and fantasy. Today,
Robert is a welcomed addition to Team SKS. He brings a raw
energy and vibrant zest to help create the next generation's epic
stories of good vs. evil and the journey of humanity. He is
currently developing a personal project under the SKS label, an
anthology that he has created over the last 3 years that is
loosely based on his experiences at college. As a deaf
artist, Robert brings a unique cultural flavor to Supreme Knight
Studios. Good things are in store for the man from South Jersey.

Recently Rob graduated from Gallaudet University and was
inducted in the graphic arts Hall of Fame in 2006.
Supreme Knight Studios