Steve Wilcox

Steven Wilcox hails from Clovis, California, (that's next to
Fresno). He has been drawing for as long as he's been
able to hold a pencil and thinks he's pretty good at it. You
might've seen him posting things on various boards on the
'net as Steve-O or Steve-O-72.

His artistic influences include John Byrne, Frank Miller,
Brian Stelfreeze,Tony Harris, Jason Pearson, Travis
Charest, Eduardo Risso, Adam Hughes,
Cully Hamner, Jim Lee, Frank Cho, Jae Lee (hmm, I put all
the fellow Korean artist in a row...subliminal...?), Tim
Bradstreet, Lee Bermejo, Chris Sprouse, Adi Granov, Alex
Ross, David Finch, Marc Silvestri, the list goes on and on.

"Every artist has something you can learn from. Each brings
something unique to the page."

He is the father of four kids, his boys: Jordan age 12, Eric
age 10, Micah age 7 1/2 , and his daughter, Noelle age 1.
He is married to "the most beautiful woman in the world",
Shaun, who puts up with him and his artistic personality.
He enjoys talking about himself in the third-person.
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