12 Rings
Created and Written by Adrian Wilkins
Art by Mark DeVera and Orlando Baez
Colors by Henrik Horvath

War                Pestilence          Famine             Conqueror  

Supreme Knight             Gemini                   12 Rings Poster

12 Rings #1 Page 1  12 Rings #1 Page 2      12 Rings #1 Page 3

12 Rings #1 Page 4                   Azar

             Derek                                Golden Gauntlet/Tre

Tables Turned
Pencils and Inks by John DaCosta

    Tables Turned Page 1                     Tables Turned Page 2

   Tables Turned Page 3                    Tables Turned Page 4

Digital Art
By Ian Sharman

Logo Work

Planet Lanasia
Created by Adrian Wilkins
Concept designs and colors by Henrik Horvath

Queen Shi'taria                 Princess Aleena

Crimson Saga
Created, drawn and colored by Mark DeVera
Written by Adrian Wilkins

Crimson Saga Promo         Unkown Character        Rho Windstryfe

  Elise Fennigan        Crimson Saga #1 Page 1

Solar Phoenix
Created and written by Adrian Wilkins
Art and designs by Stuart Cooper

Gallery of the Knights